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Hello team QHSC members and friends.

1) We are going to have lots of exciting activities this year.

2) We are going to ask all of you to join us in engaging on these projects.

3) Save this date!!!! There will be a general meeting via Zoom for ALL QHSC members and friends on February 26th from 12p EST (USA): 2000 EA (Tanzania).

More detail to come❤️❤️❤️

4) Medical Mission is scheduled for September 10th to 24th (tentatively) plus or minus 1 day.

5) We will start recruiting for global volunteers right after the meeting.

6) All planned activities during the medical mission will be discussed in the general meeting on February 26th. Do not miss it😄

7) Multiple fundraising teams will be recruited to initiate these events. Each fundraising team will focus on each specific area of the activities. Please join us and help these efforts to support the medical mission.

8) The 2021 individual volunteer’s expenses during the medical mission was ranging from $2500 to $2900. This included international and local travel, VISA, food, accommodations, and Safari to a National Park

9) Team QHSC welcomes all ideas and suggestions for fundraising efforts to ensure great impact and success. Even if you may not be going to the medical mission, you can still help raise the funds and collect donations needed for the mission.

We are all in this cause together.

Please come and join us and let’s help God’s people


TEAM QHSC ❤️❤️❤️

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