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2019 DICOTA Conference Washington, DC U.S.

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Attended Health conference titled, "Mobilize4Health"- Galvanizing Diaspora Action to Advance Health in Tanzania. podium presentation on "Empowering Nurses, Ensuring Patient and Community Safety."

The conference provided networking opportunities with other expertise who are vested to provide and facilitate an improvement of health practices. Much needed training for medical staff, and education for the patients and community at large.

Presentation videos. Discussing the nurses' impact with medical mission. The nurse's influence in the medical staff, community and patient education.

Did you know!! Networking with like minded individuals who want to help the Tanzanian public is inspiring and motivating. Please join me and others to provide what we know to help others, or pay forward. Praying for all these connections to ensure team work when addressing health challenges in Tanzania. Karibu sana. #team DrGaboneQHSC

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