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2019 Pilot Dodoma Medical Mission Dodoma, Tanzania

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The medical mission was from September 16 to October 2nd, 2019. The group of five volunteer team members traveled and engaged in education and training to medical staff at Dodoma Christian Medical Center (DCMC). The team also perform patients and community outreach projects with school age children.

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Meet the volunteer team of 5.

A great feeling to provide training and education to medical staff. Dr. Gabone-Mwalupindi provided training on (i) newborn resuscitation techniques, (ii) response to emergency events to obstetric patients to include post partum hemorrhage and to identify early warning signs before the patients start to deteriorate; and (iii) different natural labor techniques to facilitate effective delivery.

Dr. Sharon Ramjohn provided CPR, EKG interpretation and troubleshooting to the medical staff. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

Dr. Anne-Marie provided patient care and provided medical training to the physicians during rounds and outpatient clinic. Thank you for your expertise.

Mrs. Kristin Behuniak and Mrs. Kay Hollister collaboratively work with elementary school age students on hand washing techniques and the importance of dental hygiene.

Thank you for engaging the future of the Tanzania with individual health practices.


Thank you very much for all the donors and contributors who helped sponsor and ensure the success of our medical mission.

After hard work, the SAFARI was on the agenda. Tanzania is a beautiful country.

Come and discover the beauty that is within. Karibu Sana........

Please come and join us.

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